"My House Shall Be Called A House Of Prayer."

Fire Of God

Burn In Us!

Who Should Join?

  • Those seeking the presence of God.

  • Those who are weary and heavy laden.

  • All who long for the glory of God to be poured out upon the earth.

What is our hope?

  • That God would be glorified.

  • That the dead would be raised to life.

  • That unity in Jesus Christ would be made manifest.

  • That God would reveal our weakness and our emptiness that we may be filled with His presence, in desperate need for His power over us.

"The aim of the prayer meeting is to get heaven open and the glory down."

P.F. Bresee

Jesus Be

Exalted In Us!

Monday Nights

7:30 PM


7 Nixon st.

Kensington, Whangarei 0112

New Zealand


Sundays 10:30 AM



Tel: 09-459-4395