Volunteer Opportunities

New Hope Church of the Nazarene is situated in the city of whangarei on the North Island of New Zealand. We would like to invite you, your church, or your team to consider coming and sharing in the ministry here in whatever capacity you are best suited for. We firmly believe that the Lord calls us to carry out His work,  enables us and is faithful to provide everything necessary to see His work completed. As you consider the many opportunities for service, evangelism, and hard work here in New Zealand and elsewhere, it is our prayer that God will stir up within you, a deep desire for loving service. And that you will be used by God, to pour out His heart, establishing His Kingdom upon the earth.


Pastor Rob 

You're Invited!

Why New Zealand?

You may be wondering why go to New Hope and perhaps even why New Zealand? Those are fair questions. There are definitely many countries that are much more impoverished. However, New Zealand has been steadily trending towards secularism since the 1950's. New Zealand is considered to be as post-Christian, meaning that there has been a shift towards being a culture that seeks to keep some of the moral qualities of Christianity while abandoning saving faith in Jesus Christ. Essentially they embrace the slogan, "Good without God."

In the midst of this cultural shift, New Hope seeks to turn the hearts of Kiwi's back to Christ through sharing His Gospel. This is where your prayers and helping hands are going to bring change! Our Lord, Jesus Christ, is NOT finished in New Zealand!

How You Can Help


You may not realize it, but you don't even have to leave home to help build God's Kingdom. Ephesians 6:12 reminds us that our struggle is not against flesh and blood. Conventional weapons and worldly wisdom don't work in the spiritual realm. We need warriors who are saturated with the presence of God. We need brothers and sisters united in the Messiah to go before His throne of grace on our behalf. We pray for God's Kingdom to be poured out in the earth and for His will to be accomplished. We pray for spiritual awakening, wisdom, deeper love for Jesus and His power to glory to be made manifest in us, as His heart is poured out. Your prayer is a blessing to us and a wonderful aroma in the courts of heaven.

Join Us

We have several projects that we would love help completing at New Hope. Some of those may require several groups of volunteers to help complete the various stages. Some of these projects are seasonal or are ongoing areas of ministry. If you haven't been able to put together a team, there may be a team coming that you would be able to join. Check out the section for confirmed upcoming projects for available space on the team!

Along with ministering with us, we also hope you will take some time to enjoy New Zealand. We would be happy to help put together a fun itenerary for you with input from your team. Some may be interested in a visit to Hobbiton or maybe they would rather just enjoy some incredible views. Whatever the case, there are many wonderful beaches, forests, mountains and fun things to see and do while visiting. You might as well God's creation!

Whatever you decide, we hope to make your time with us as exciting as possible. 

Thanks be to God!


If you would like to partner with New Hope Church of the Nazarene through sharing of resources, you may be able to help a willing team meet their financial goals or help us expand our area of ministry. Coming to New Zealand can be expensive even if keeping the trip very frugal. For those who want to help fund a specific team, project or ministry, we will use the funds for the designated purpose. Any funds that are not designated for a specific team or project will be applied to the most critical project or ministry. Inquire about making a donation.